Korea’s 메이저사이트 has recently announced a slew of restrictions on sports bets. These new regulations will limit the amount people can bet each day and restrict the types of bets that are available. The site has also created a new category for bets on professional and international sports. This is in addition to the existing classifications for domestic and amateur sports.

Background: The rise of online gambling in Korea

There has been a recent surge in online gambling in Korea, with many people turning to the internet as their primary means of betting. This trend is likely due to the increasing availability of legal and illegal gambling websites and the growing popularity of casino games.

No official figures are available on Koreans’ participation in legal gambling. However, according to estimates by gaming industry insiders, the number of Koreans who gamble illegally ranges from 5 per cent to 10 per cent of the population.

Latest developments

A new betting site has announced that it is introducing new regulations for sports bets. The site states that all bets must now be placed in USD, with no other currencies accepted. This follows several high-profile legal cases surrounding suspected gambling offences involving other currencies. 

The site also states that you must now place all bets within 30 minutes of the event. This follows several scandals where bettors could get around these restrictions by placing their chances after the event had finished. 

These changes are designed to reduce the amount of unlawful gambling activity on the site and ensure that bettors are making legitimate wagers.

Conclusions: Will this restrict gambling in Korea?

This new law may restrict gambling in Korea, but the industry will continue to thrive as people find other ways to gamble. The government should consider further measures to discourage gambling, such as higher taxes on gambling activities, to discourage problem gambling and protect the public.